May 24 Update – Wrong again!

I hope no one has been counting how many times I have got the relaying of information wrong. Edita called again from Base Camp this afternoon with a much clearer connection. She will not get to Katmandu until the 28th or 29th. There were some that needed to get back to Katmandu for a variety of pressing reasons and the amount of transport is limited. Once again, she put the needs of others in front of what she wanted to do. She promised pictures tomorrow once she charges up one of her devices with solar power (it could take a while but worth waiting for. I will do ONE LAST posting if the photos arrive before Monday. I have travel planned for Monday and must go.

I want to thank altitude Junkies Leader Phil and his home team Trish for doing such a great job ensuring safety is first. If ever anyone is thinking of taking on one of “the big ones”, you must talk to them.

Everest from ABC


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