Saturday night…

I’ve been here in Port au Prince for three weeks — have one more week to go.  This has been an amazing experience — I like the pace and the intensity of everything. My days been pretty long — average 4-5 hours night sleep.  Even I could probably sleep longer but I wake up early from heat and all the surrounding noises and sounds: roosters, dogs, people, etc.  Also, there is so much to do: I am in charge of all staff and volunteer movements in and out of Port au Prince. We have volunteers moving in and out every two weeks. One mistake in travel logistics could have huge consequences. So, my job is very intense and important. Also, I am in charge on incoming supply cargos — doing clearance with customs in Por au Prince, arranging cargo movements, etc. It’s a huge job but I am doing it quite well. Haitian government becoming increasing demanding but I was able to get shipments through.

Next week I will spend some time visiting our field sites, clinics, hospitals where our volunteers provide support to health services. I was so busy with my work that I haven’t had time to do that since I came here.  So, there will be some interesting stories and photos coming on my blog soon.

I am getting used to living in Haiti but I can’t get used to seeing the disaster around me. It’s still so recent, especially in peoples eyes, in some of my colleagues memories. My colleague Marin and his medical team was here in 23hrs after the earthquake. He was kind to share with me his photos and videos. However, I can’t really watch this, not now, while I am in Haiti. I posted few least disturbing below.

People outside the hospital:


All images below are from the helicopter:


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