My last day in Port au Prince

I am now on my way home. I’ll stop briefly in Miami and will be on my way to San Francisco.  Home sounds great.  I been away for a month – sleeping in tent, living in heat and dust.  I miss clean air, going hiking, kayaking, and running. I miss people I left behind. 

On Thursday, I went to Leogane to visit a new site that the organization opened recently. It was a wonderful visit . Besides few problems (no gas to run a generator, no running water due to a leakage in water pipe), the house where staff and volunteers live is very nice. Actually, it’s quite a luxury to live in a house as most of aid workers live in tents here. Many houses have been destroyed here during the earthquake. I took few photos on my way to Leogone (about 2 hrs away from Port au Prince):

More pixs “Driving to Leogane”:

Markets by the road:

Tower damaged by the earthquake:

More markets:

Open sewage in Haiti is common. Approaching rainy season will makes life here really difficult:

Public “washroom”:

Camp site in the middle of the road:

Alice (site manager) and Mbassi (my running buddy) at the Leogane guest house:

At a children school site in Leogane:

Food distribution at a children school site:

Tent camp by a school site:


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