Traveling through the Holy Land…

I have to admit I am not a religious person and traveling through a Holy Land wasn’t something I carefully planned or prepared for. My sister who usually does this trip with her travel company. She says the Holy Land is one of her favorite destinations…  So, I took  her invitation and joined her and her group for few days as they traveled through the  Holy Land and into Jordan and back through Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has left a profound impression on me… It’s an incredible place with so much history and a mixture of cultures and religions. While I was walking down the streets of Jerusalem, I got the strangest feeling.. It’s really hard to explain this but I felt like I was enchanted… but definitely this was not what people call a “Jerusalem syndrome”…

In the evening, when the city got quiet, the atmosphere was still buzzing  with people’s voices, calls to prayers from minarets coming from different directions. Facing the Mount of Olives all littered by grave stones, I felt as if the  living and the dead were all co-existing here in a chaos like harmony…

My stay in Jerusalem was way too short. But you never know… I  might be back some day to  find some   answers to ‘life’s persistent questions’…

Below are some pictures from the trip:


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