Manaslu – The Waiting Game

Edita’s email today  “The weather at Manaslu is something we cannot control, it snows and rains here a lot. We are in a holding pattern at the base camp. It requires lots of patience as we have to sit in the base camp and wait for the weather to improve. It can rain for 7 to 10 days non stop. So, I have lots of time to think about why I am here. It is an ultimate test of my mental state and it can benerve racking to sit and wait, thinking of all the effort I will have to put in the final summit climb. I am thinking a lot about all the people at home and in the Sahel behind me and the reason I am here – to prepare for my ultimate climb of Mt Everest next spring – an Everest for Sahel climb campaign to help raise awareness and support for the continued hunger crisis in the Sahel.”


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