Looks Like We Are Going Up Manaslu Tomorrow

September 20

Today is day 10 in the base camp! That is a very long time but it is
not unusual for Manaslu. Manaslu gets more precipitation than any
other mountain in the region. So, patience is the only way to go.

The Waiting Game

To change the scenery and to clear the mind, me and few other brave group
members walked down to Sama Goan. The weather was terrible – snow and
rain. The most difficult part was mud. However, that  didn’t stop us- we
needed to stretch our legs and get some exercise. Coming back was a
bit too much than we expected. I think I picked up a cough after that
walk in cold and rain.

Yesterday, it was sunny for several hours. All of us caught up on
laundry. The sun was so intense that I sun burned my face just from
sitting around the base camp. I didn’t put sun screen… I should know

The weather is improving and we are planning to go up to Camp 1
tomorrow. We will sleep there and go to Camp  2 the next day.
We are also planning to sleep at Camp 2 and return to the base camp.
This will complete our acclimatization. When we return, we will rest
for few days and go for the summit push whenever the weather permits.

I will take advantage  of the wait today and rest as much as I can to be strong for
tomorrow’s climb to Camp 1! I only hope that my cold will  go away!
Almost every other group member got over the head cold by now… and
it is too bad I am getting it now. Will keep you posted when I get back down to Base Camp.



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