Manaslu Avalanche Sept 23

Edita writes! – “there has been an avalanche on Manaslu just above
camp 2 at about 4:30  AM… All Camp 3 is gone, maybe 18 people
missing…  It’ was huge. We were blown off for
10-20 feet off the camp in our tents but we are all safe, no injuries.
I am already down to the base camp and safe”


6 responses to “Manaslu Avalanche Sept 23

  1. Thank God you are safe. I read about the avalanche in the news this morning and saw it was on Manaslu. I remembered how you blogged about the weather recently and how your group was being cautious and waiting. I am thankful you let us know you are safe. I am so sorry for those lives that were lost. It seems a huge tragedy that so many were lost. Hopes and prayers are with you all. Please keep us updated.

    • Dear guys, do someone knows something about the group of Sebastian Haag and Benedikt Böhm. Robert my old mountain camerade and friend was on one of the latests posts on a picture. picture with them. Would be great to hear something.

  2. My son was at 3700m on the 22th taking a rest and heading up again on the 23rd. I have not heard from him since then. Is there a list of the missing? His name is Ryan (Chip) Jennings and is traveling with a guy named Dave. If anybody has any word from him or knows of him in their travels….please respond…many thanks…Mom Mary

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