September 27 – Manaslu – Leaving Now for the Summit

Edita called this morning (early here in Geneva), She was in great spirts and told me they are excited because they were headed back up the mountain in a couple of hours. All the conditions seem favorable. The snow has seemed to consolidate and the weather looks good. They want to continue because those that were lost had a goal and want to stand at the top of that mountain and honor those that lost their lives. They are hoping to summit on the 1st or 2nd and she is hoping to return home on the 5th. She will be out of touch during the climb as she lost her spot tracked when the rush of snow shattered her tent while in camp 2. So…. She will let me know when she summits as she promised to call immediately after they get back down to base camp. Altitude junkie will be trying to update their site along the way. Stay tuned and pray all goes according to plan.


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