Everest for Sahel 2013 November Update

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not updating this site for quite some time but I have been busy, busy.  When I came back from Manaslu, I hardly had time to recover physically and mentally and had to go right back to work.  I had just started to settle into my routine at the office and then had to go to Brindisi to act as one of the controllers for a very intense humanitarian emergency simulation exercise.  It required me and my team, to work night and day non-stop, for two weeks…similar in some ways to the intensity of a summit push but certainly less dangerous:-)

Once the exercise was completed, I went to my native country Lithuania. In Lithuania I received a HUGE welcome from many who have been supporting me.  Along with seeing my family, the highlight of my visit was being asked to speak with the Lithuanian Alpinist Association about my climbing experiences.  I was greeted by a full house of climbers, trekkers and travel enthusiasts.  It was the first time I have been asked to do a presentation. I was nervous at first but soon realized they were all so nice and truly interested in hearing climbing adventures and many had interesting experiences of their own.  The event was hosted by the Lithuanian Travellers club (Lietuvos Keliautoju Sajunga).

Full house at the Travellers club 23 Nov 2012

Full house at the Travellers club 23 Nov 2012

I was introduced the President of the Lithuanian Alpinist Association ( Saulius Damulevicius) greeted by the President of the Travellers club (Algimantas Jucevicius) and by Vladas Vitkauskas, the first Lithuanian to Summit Everest almost 20 years ago!  IT WAS AMAZING.  Vladas has given me his blessing and feels I have what it takes to get up Everest and come back safely.  He gave me strong words of encouragement: “…you go to and climb the mountains because you listen to your Heart. That is real. That is a blessing. Only then, dreams, which we would never come up with on our own, become reality and miracles happen…”. His words makes me feel  even more confident and motivated.

Ater the meeting in Vilnius

Ater the meeting in Vilnius

Now, I must concentrate my efforts as much as possible on training.  My planned expedition to Mt Everest is LESS than 6 months away.  I also need to find time to rally sponsors and support.  I am putting ever penny I have into this.  I need help. Any help I can get from anyone would be so appreciated. So, if any of you can help, please do.

Below is my slideshow made a night before the presentation to the Lithuanian climbers and travellers community.


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