I spent my Christmas break in Kingston, Ontario (Canada) with Paul and his family. I can summarize the weather in in one word -Cold! Canada is COLD in winter but the people are warm! We had to shovel our driveway every morning as it snowed almost every day, it was a good morning workout. We had fun time – from a party with bonfire in the woods to tasty fast foods!  Now I need to detox from all that fast food I ate !!! We spent New Year’s eve on the plane –  over the Atlantic ocean. We were lucky the stewardess was so generous to supply unlimited free alcohol on the plane so we didn’t need to open our duty free wine we bought before boarding just in case…

Bon Fire Paul in CanadaEdita in Canada snow

Looking back at 2012, it was a great year! The main highlights are two successful climbs and summits – Aconcagua on January 2nd and Manaslu – on October 1st.  I should also mention that I also was deployed to a food crisis response mission in Niger over the summer. This has not only deepened my professional experience but it also inspired me to embark on my Everest for Sahel 2013 Campaign climb!

I am starting 2013 with the Big E on my mind. I am only three months away from the day I leave for my expedition! My emotions at this point go from thrill to panic… I am going to climb the BIG E! The task ahead is extreme and beyond any experience I ever had or will probably ever have! Now I am into my final training and preparations. My New Year schedule is rigorous: I get up at 5 am for my 2 hrs morning exercise routine. I run 10 to 15 km, do my stretching, rope jumping, etc. By 7:00 AM I am done and getting ready for work. After work, I am back to my training routine – 2 hrs yoga class or a soccer game or swimming.  Some days twice a week, get on my stair master and do weight lifting. Week-ends, I spend a day trekking with an over 20 kg back pack or skiing and a day to rest.

My schedule is very rigorous and painful. However, I believe that this is what it takes (at least for me) to get ready for the Big E. I have to do all I can to get ready physically and mentally for this upcoming challenge.  I am not taking Big E lightly so I have no regrets latter!

If you’d like to support my Everest for Sahel campaign climb, please go here... Remeber, I am doing all this hard work and all you need is to give 1 cent or 1 dollar per my climbed meter and watch my climbing progress from your comfortable arm chair… I promise to send as many updates as possible during the climb (1 penny per meter = about $85.00) By supporing my campaign, you will help feed hungry!


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