Everest 2013 Update -In Katmandu with the Team!

We had our first team briefing yesterday. Phil our leader updated us on what is going to happen in the coming days. The biggest news was that the Chinese border will not open until the 9thof April. Everyone was eager to start but we will have a couple of days to relax but that is not a bad thing.  Many of us came from busy lives and some just back from extreme adventures. As an example, Ole, my climbing mate from Mt. Manaslu, just finished doing 7 marathons in 7 different continents, including swimming across the Gibraltar Straight and biking in Bolivia over 1,000 km!.  Waiting is part of the game, the waiting and learning to take it as it comes.

First Team Meeting, Kathmandu

First Team Meeting, Kathmandu

Many of us have a cold or some type of virus with a sore throat and chills. It is probably good to catch it now and recover rather than catching while we are travelling. Once we recover, it will mean that we will build up immunity so it will not get us again.

Team Dinner, Kathmandu

Team Dinner, Kathmandu

First Everest 2013 Team Dinner, Kathmandu

First Everest 2013 Team Dinner, Kathmandu

It will take 5 to 6 days to reach the base camp once we leave here. We intend on acclimatizing slowly to reduce the risk of altitude sickness. We all took it easy today and went for a fantastic dinner with the team. Everyone caught up on email and updated their blogs. Also, many went out to hit the great climbing stores here. If ever there was a good reason to get some better gear, this is it climbing Everest…WOW!!!


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