April 21 – Interim Camp North Mt Everest

Edita sent a “I am OK” from her spottracker from IC see http://www.findmespot.com/mylocation/?id=BnHxG/28.08565N/86.91351E  AND then she called on her satellite phone. She still has a bit of a cough but made the hike ok. This will be their first night truly on the mountain. She said it was amazing how beautiful it was and Everest looks bigger and bigger as they approach it. Her and Margaret were in their shared tent, in their sleeping bags with hot water bottles having a bowl of soap. She said they both were having some laughs and telling stories. I could hear Margaret in the background yelling at me to come to Katmandu for the party when they come down! I said there will be a party here too when Edita gets back! It was snowing so they will do a wait and see tomorrow before they go to Advanced base camp.

For a good map of the climbing rotations and other Everest updates Alan Arnette’s EXCELLENT Blog here http://www.alanarnette.com/everest/everestnorthroutes.php

View of Everest from the North Side

View of Everest from the North Side




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