April 27 – Mt Everest North

Edita called last night after I got into my hotel in Cancun. She said they did not even try to go up to the North Cole today because it was too windy. We had such a great connection this time as she spoke from inside the tent her and Margaret are sharing. They were going to stay at the ABC for at least another night and maybe more. Basically, they just did not know if they would stay at ABC longer, or if they would go up or down.  They will leave the decision to Phil Crampton, he will know what is best. Check out Alan Arnette’s blog. He is the ultimate follower of the goings on on Everest.  He has excellent updates from both sides of the mountain and yesterday he made reference to Edita’s update along with some comments from Phil. see http://www.alanarnette.com/blog/2013/04/26/everest-2013-a-tale-of-two-mountains/

Edita asked me what it was like here in Cancun Mexico and I played down the fact that it was 28 degrees with clear skies and my biggest challenge ahead of me was deciding if I should have a margarita before or after dinner. I decided to wait until after dinner.  She has been gone almost a month now and I miss her so much and along with many of you, hope only for her safe return. During our call she once again reassured me by reminding me her strategy is “getting to the summit is optional, coming back down is not”. She promised she would keep me updated.

Fighting against  dust and cold

Fighting against dust and cold


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