Award to first Lithuanian woman to summit Mt Everest

Awarded a gold medal from the Ministry of Sports of Lithuania (photo by

This post is long overdue… However, I’d like to add it now for my own personal record. On June 18th, at the Sports and Physical Education Department of Lithuania,  mountaineering enthusiasts gathered to honor  two Lithuanian mountaineers – Edita Nichols – first Lithuanian woman who recently summited Mt Everest and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Lithuanian to ascent Mt Everest – Vladas Vitkauskas.

Recently returned from Mt Everest, Edita Nichols was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit Lithuanian sports, which was presented by the Minister of the Physical Culture and Sports Department (Department of Physical Education) Klemensas Rimšelis. Edita Nichols was recognized as the first woman from Lithuania to summit Mount Everest.

“A champion climber is the one who summits Mt Everest and but also successfully descends. After all, there is no higher place on our earth to climb”- awarding the medal Minister Rimšelis said. – “You shine as this medal, I thank you for all on behalf of Lithuania.

The Head of the Department of Physical Education also recognized the first Lithuanian Mt Everest summiter Vladas Vitkauskas 20th anniversary and presented him with the Lithuanian honor sports medal.

I was truly honored to receive the award from the government of Lithuania.  I would like to thank all my Lithuanian supporters. I could never have done this alone without all your support and encouragement. I share this award with all of you as well as with all my family and friends! It is you and the mountains that brought me closer to home! I have never felt more Lithuanian than when I am in the mountains – especially when I was standing at the highest point of the earth and unfolding the Lithuanian flag and then waving it in the wind. It was the most incredible feeling and honor of my life and a moment I will never forget. Thank you everyone!

Algimantas Jucevicius, Vladas Lasas, Edita Nichols, and Vladas Vitkauskas

Algimantas Jucevicius, Vladas Lasas, Edita Nichols, and Vladas Vitkauskas

Edita Nichols (photo by LRT.LT)


3 responses to “Award to first Lithuanian woman to summit Mt Everest

  1. hi
    congratulations i wish to do th summit of mount everest can u plz help in advising what training did u take, how long did it, how much did it coast, how do u get help
    thank you

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