Altitude Junkies safe

You may have heard on the international news that an earthquake in Nepal triggered an avalanche at Everest Base Camp.

Communication with base camp is sketchy at the moment and Edita has not been able to get through, but her friend Margaret was briefly able to speak to her husband Tad via satellite phone. The news from the Altitude Junkies camp is everyone on the team, clients and Sherpas, are safe.

There are reports of injuries and possibly some fatalities at base camp, but so far nothing is confirmed. Hundreds have been killed in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Our thoughts are with all of their families at this difficult time.


4 responses to “Altitude Junkies safe

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  2. So glad to hear! I learned of Phil through Mark’s books and always followed with interest when I found he had a home base not to far from me in NY. Please stay safe, climb safe and prayers to those on Everst and in Kathmandu.

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