Hello! This is my first blog… I am happy to be here and share with you my stories!

I dedicate this blog to my family and friends as I promised to them I would share  my journey to the world’s tallest mountains and various travels and adventures.

I also have a secret wish that some one might get inspired to pursue his/ her dreams or might start dreaming after reading my blog…

Hope you will enjoy reading about my adventures.

Stay Tuned !




3 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Hello, my name is Mike, 20, fictional writer under psuedonym Prescott Fry. Recently, I have moved from Maryland to California to pursue my writing and boxing career. I was just researching Lithuania while also my family surname, and you blog appeared. Ive hiked myself, Mt Badly New mexico, 14,000 feet. And I am really fascinated on what you’re attemping to portray and share in your writing…

  2. I posted a comment, did you get it??? Email me. I hiked mt baldy 14,000 feet and i am really interested in what you try to convey. Inspiration is great!!!

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