Second day in Haiti

It was a crazy night with not much of sleep: I had my tent outside on the porch — dogs were barking all night long, shotgun sounds, and the security guard (with the shotgun!) snoring in his chair right next to my tent. I had my ear plugs but still could hear these sounds around me…

I got up today and got some training and was going to shadow my predecesor. However, she needed to relax as she was working really hard for the past few weeks. So, she decided to go to the beach. I didn’t want to stay behind, so I decided  to “shadow” her and go to the beach as well… Once we left Port au Prince, we discovered a completerly different world…

We spent all afternoon in the beach. We went swimming in a warm Carribean water. We ate good food and relaxed in the sun. It felt like paradice. I felt a little guilty but new that the staff needed a good rest. Tommorow, the new wek will start and I will be working hard for the rest f my stay.

On the way back to Port au Prince, the sad reality came back…



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