… another day in Port au Prince

Since I started working last Monday, things really got busy. I am working as a logistics officer — arranging all movements of staff and volunteers in Port au Prince. I get up at 6 AM and never stop until 11 or 12 PM. I travel once or twice a day but stay lots of time in the office. It is very time-consuming to coordinate movements of all people. I have a local person helping me but I have to train him a lot until I will be able to designate some of my work to him.

Life is going on as if nothing happened here. However, I am reminded about the harsh reality when I am out off the house.  It will take many years for people to rebuild there lives.  But life wasn’t much better here before the earthquake. I took some pictures of the houses (or shacks) outside the earthquake zone.

Post earthquake reconstruction will be very difficult here as there is a total chaos everywhere.

However, I believe the change will come. Here is a picture of a new housing area ( I am guessing , this is built by Habitat for humanity).

Today, it’s been a very hot and muggy day. I feel really exhausted and need some rest.  It’s not going to be easy to do that — too warm and noisy…


One response to “… another day in Port au Prince

  1. Good job, Blue! I see your new glasses. Thank you for going to Haiti and trying to make a difference.

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