Friday night in Port au Prince….

I had another busy day today. There was a big group of nurses flying in from Chicago. So, I helped my travel officer (local Haitian I am currently training) to pick up from the airport and drive them to the hotel they’d be staying for two weeks. It was an interesting group of people, mostly women nurses. One nurse was so “excited” to see the rubble and wanted to stop the van so she could get out and take some photos. Some people call it “disaster tourism”…  So, I had to disappoint her with NO. Our security procedures don’t allow anyone to wonder around. You can only go in a car, accompanied with your driver.  We also have “curfew” that starts at 9. All staff have to be at home by that time.   

As the logistics officer,  I am in charge of travel logistics for volunteers and staff. It’s a really hard job as things change every minute. So far things are going great — we have not missed a single person and we were always on time to pick them up or drive them to the airport! I am also involved in coordination of transport (we have over 40 cars/ vans rented out) and cargo. I got a lot on my plate but I am happy to be a part of this relief mission.

It’s Friday night but I’ll be still working until I start falling asleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day — we have 15 new volunteers arriving.  To be frank, I am having a treat tonight — a glass of red wine! It’s been a long and stressful week!

 Here are few photos from the house I am staying:

#1  in my office

#2 my neighbour Lawrence

# 3 my colleagues (from right Pero, Charles, Babak, Kerry, Lynne) in the kitchen

#4 People relaxing outside (from left – Dina, Rabih, Agran, Zurab..)

 #5 Security guard and my tent (in the back)


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