More from Haiti…

It’s been a week since I arrived to Port au Price. It feels much much longer. I am getting used to life here — seeing rubble around me is not that shocking anymore. However, when I  talk to local people, I am reminded of what happened about a month ago. Today I was listening to Steeve, a local person who is our driver. He said he was at school in the class when the earthquake started. He jumped out of the balcony and hurt his leg. He is OK now. At that time, he thought that the end of the world had come. He said he saw building collapsing right in front of him, propane tank exploding, and thought that this was it. He said he was looking at the sky because he believed that “Jesus will be descending from the sky with his angels any moment..” Haiti is a very religious country (80% catholic). I could only imagine the amount of fear Steeve went through on that day. That’s why people don’t want to sleep in their houses even now. They are all so frightened. We have several psychiatrist working at each of our mobile clinics. People usually complain of headaches and all sorts of other stress related issues.

Security is a bit of an issue is Port au Prince. Two of MSF nurses were kidnapped today. I think this is related to poverty — kidnapper usually release their victims after they are paid ransom. Haiti wasn’t safe even before the disaster. Lots of people thing that kidnappers are just back to the normal and nothing really unusual. You just need to follow the security procedures and you’ll be OK.

It’s past 1 AM now and I will have a busy day tomorrow. So, it’s time to sleep!


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