Doing the right thing!

I had lots of  doubts and fears about the choice I made when I decided to leave a pretty comfortable life in  Northern California and embark for a place like Haiti. I admit I was a bit scared to leave this safe environment and move towards something different and unfamiliar. 

Haiti opened my eyes to that “unfamiliar” reality where there was no certainty, safety, or much protection. Everywhere you looked, you saw nothing else but destruction.  Life was about surviving today and maybe next day… Haiti showed me that  life was fragile…  I suddenly realized I had my life now and I wanted to live it to the fullest . I didn’t just want to live an ordinary life but I wanted to live and feel alive. I couldn’t compromise anymore. I couldn’t fear anymore. 

I was there in Haiti as a humanitarian aid worker and I felt  alive as I never felt before.  I realised that this was the type of work I always wanted to do!  This was when I realised I was doing the right thing…

I am no longer in Haiti but the lessons I learned there they are still with me every day. I don’t want to just live an ordinary life — I want to live and feel alive…

My new home – backyard garden… Still needs some work but I am making good progress…

Claudia stuffing fresh calamari “Italian way”, getting ready for a party!


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