A big part of my job is organizing emergency simulation trainings in Brindisi (I am calling it  ‘Brindisiland’ in this post). Although I cannot share the details  (simulation has to remain as a ‘surprise’ to be effective), I thought I would share few of my photos. 

It’s the World Cup week! So, what are you supposed to do during an emergency training?? Luckily, I  had my internet key! And roof top is a pretty good place to catch live stream!

Paul is holding my tiny laptop in the air during the whole game to catch the signal.

Work was pretty intense and only few hours of sleep… The intensity was like during a real emergency…

Jacob (intern from Hopkins) and Iare turning into ‘geeks’ after a week of sitting in front of computer screens…

Here Marc is using my head as a camera pole…

And always a beautiful sunset at the end of the day!

‘Brindisiland’ is great! ‘Brindisiland’ is is an imaginary world but also very real in so many ways!


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