Week-end in Rome…

Rome is great in summer! It gets less busy as most of Romans leave the city for summer holidays. However, life continues to going on. The city fills up with tourists.

I decided I will not take any vacation this summer (maybe for few days or a week later in August). I don’t feel will miss out by staying in Rome. Living in Rome feels like being on a long vacation (not including time spent at work)… There are so many things to do and to explore!

Here are few highlights from this week-end… I felt like going swimming yesterday. However, going to the sea in summer can be a nightmare — traffic, crowded beaches, etc… So, my friend Claudia suggested that we get up early and go to the lake instead of the sea. This was a brilliant idea! Of course, when I got a wake up call from Claudia at 7 AM, I had all sorts of excuses to say in order to avoid getting up so early on Sat morning…  Well, Claudia is didn’t buy in and just told me I could sleep at the beach… So, here we go to the lake Albano/ Castel Gandolfo…

Below on the top of the hill you can see a castle that is pope’s summer residence. Pretty massive!

I would recommend lake Albano to those who are looking for a relaxing place with not too many people around. The water was warm and relatively clean. It was about 30-45 min drive from Rome. However, it helps if you get up early in the morning and drive before everyone else is out on the road.

On the way back from lake Albano, we ran into a bikers’ rally. We probably saw over 200 bikers passing by. That was quite a scene:

In order to understand all good things about living in Rome, you have to go out and try food in the city! One of my favorite neighborhoods to eat out is Trastevere… 

Last night I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday to the restaurant Meo Patacca. It is housed in an ancient stable in heart of Trastevere , the left-bank section of Rome and it sprawls out into the entire piazza De’ Mercanti, glittering with lanterns hung from the stately old trees that provide an enormous umbrella for entire square.
If you ever go there, I recommend a dish called Filetto Al Pepe Verde. The dish was divine – a fillet of beef with pepper sauce..

Some pictures from the party:

Nadia (Birthday girl) with Chris.

There are several troupes of troubadours in the ol Italian style who sing everything from Trastevere songs to the romantic melodies of naple and from grand opera to American songs.

Troubadours singing “Happy B-Day” to Nadia:


Today (Sunday) I am trying to relax and enjoy being at home. I finally got a hammock!   I’m going to the sea in the evening for a swim at the sunset! So, life is not that bad in Rome…


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