Edita the First Lithuanian Woman on top of Manaslu

Yesterday was another first for Edita. She was the first Lithuanian woman to summit Mount Manaslu!

This will be my last posting on Edita’s behalf as she will be in Katmandu shortly. The helicopter could not take them today but they will try tomorrow.

 I hope I was able to keep you informed of the teams adventures and provide helpful information about the Sept 23rd tragic accident. Again, condolences to those that lost friends and family members that terrible day. It has been a real rollercoaster ride for us flatlanders down here as well. I also need to thank Trish Crampton (Phils Wife) of Altitude Junkies for helping keep me informed after the tragedy and updates on the progress after Edita lost her Spot Tracker AND to all of you that wrote and commented on the blog.  No matter how flat, or how steep they are, Happy Trails to all of you!



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