Final Manaslu Dispatches

October 3 2012

Edita called this morning. The helicopter could not come to Sama Goan because of bad weather. They will try tomorrow. I will hand the reins of this blog back over to Edita. She should be in Katmandu soon. I hope I was able to help by keeping many of you informed throughout the Manaslu 2012 adventure.

October 2, 2012

The Team made it safely back to base camp this morning. See the October 2nd posting for further details.

October 1

Edita has made it to the summit and is returning to camp 2 today. She is doing well.

September 30

The team was at 6900 meters (camp 3) yesterday and is in the way to camp 4 today. Everyone is doing well and the weather is good. They will likely summit tomorrow morning. Thank you to Trish for the update.

September 28 – Expect to see a post during the summit push on Altitude Junkies Site. Team should be at camp 2 tonight. 


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