Updated Everest Gear List

These are some of my most essential Gear Items I am bringing to my Everest 2013 expedition . This is not to advise anyone that these are the best ever items but this is what I learnt from my previous expeditions what works best for me. I am sharing it here because it took me a while to figure out what I needed at the beginning, especially as a female climber. So, I hope this will be useful for some beginner climbers…

Edita's Expedition Gear

The main thing I learned from my previous trips is that I should never compromise by getting cheap gear and thinking that I will get away with it. Your gear is one of the essential elements for a safe and successful climb.

1) Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL -40 sleeping bag: I have Rab 800 fill sleeping bag for ABC. I added it before my Manaslu expedition for sleeping at higher camps. I found out it was easier to have the second  bag as you don’t have to carry it back and forth to the higher camps. Every inch counts!  However, on Manaslu, to make my load lighter, I carried the Rab bag to higher camps and had my warm MH bag at the base camp. It worked out fine as I had my down suit on during cold nights at high camps.

rab sleeping bag

2) Millet Everest GTX Mountaineering Boot: I got these boots for Cho Oyu and I loved them! I did not freeze my toes and used them for smaller mountains like Aconcagua.

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