One Month to Go before I go to the Roof of the World

It is now exactly one month until I leave for my Expedition to climb Mount Everest. Just writing these words brings me a thrill. This thrill is a mix of emotions.  I have been preparing for this for years. The accents of other 8ooo meter mountains were tough, there is no denying that, but this climb will definitely be the biggest challenge yet and the ultimate test of my mental and physical endurance.  Thinking about being on a ledge, over 8000 meters high, where if you fall to the left it is a 2 mile drop, if you fall to the right it is a 1 mile drop, it does make somewhat fearful. But as I think about being up there and looking across the horizon, seeing a beautiful view of the Himalayas, that relatively few people have experienced, it sends a chill through me.

The workouts have been hard in preparing for the climb ahead. The early morning runs, working all day and heading to the gym, putting every penny I can find towards the expedition equipment and expedition costs has been tough but I am going to do it!  I AM GOING!

One of the most frequent questions I get when people ask about my expedition is how much does it cost to go to Everest?  My typical answer is that money, although important, is not all it takes. Before money, your fitness, training and determination must be in place.  Once you come to terms with these elements, than you can make the judgment if you have enough resources to get there.

Everest expedition can cost you anywhere from 40K to 75K, not including your international flight ticket, insurance, and personal gear. Why is Everest so expensive? Below is a basic expedition cost break down (what’s included in the general expedition fee):

–        Transportation and meals in TibetAccommodation in Kathmandu and Tibet

–        Yaks for personal gear to advanced base camp and return

–        Meals at base, interim and advanced base camp

–        Group Nepal climbing Sherpas

–        Group Nepal cooks at base, interim and advanced base camp

–        Expedition permit, peak fee and conservation fees

–        Base camp, interim, advanced base camp and high camp tents

–        Group climbing equipment, stoves and fuel

–        Supplementary climbing oxygen (6 bottles), mask and regulator

–        Two-way radios

–        Medical kits, portable altitude chamber and medical oxygen

–        High altitude freeze-dried meals

–        Climbing Sherpa summit bonus and carry bonus (they get paid   very little)

–        Satellite phone and satellite internet use at cost price

You may wonder why there is such a variation in costs – 40 to 75K. It is basically determined by the choice of the expeditor – is it a big commercial one, are you climbing the south ridge (Nepal side) or the north ridge (Tibetan side), etc… I chose Altitude Junkies because of the experience of the expedition leader and the team. I like the style of the leader – independent climbers’ team, great service at the base camp, great food, and a super Sherpa team!

I may be a focused climber and have been told that sometimes I am too focused when doing other tasks but where I fail is not being a terribly aggressive person in finding support for the people of the Sahel region, that are still in crisis.  The media was covering their plight last year but they have moved on to the next crisis and although many still care about the people in the Sahel region of Africa, the media focus has been more on Syria, Mali and other emergencies.  I am appealing to anyone who reads this to please help with even a small donation or if you cant make a donation, please share this appeal with others that you think may be able to help. This will cost you nothing but could make a huge difference to the people who would not go to sleep hungry.  READ MORE HERE…  Thank you for helping. DONATE HERE…


2 responses to “One Month to Go before I go to the Roof of the World

  1. Keep us posted…I’m hearing you, often I get asked how much does it all cost me, worrying about the money is a long way off for me. As you say, fitness and skills.

    Three peaks in Nepal this year, Cho Oyu next year, hopefully. Take care!

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