Ten days to go before I leave for Mt Everest

I feel ready but a little worn down as I try to get the 100 plus things needed to get done before I go. I was quite overwhelmed and emotional having to say goodbye to my workmates as I may not return to Rome after Everest. They are so AMAZING. I was so touched so many people cared and offered help. They all chipped in and bought me a new Go Pro Hero 3 head cam…cant wait to use it on the mountain and think of them as I turn it on..

Posing with my new Go Pro Hero 3

Posing with my new Go Pro Hero 3

I must to say a huge thank you to Amin, Cameron Madeline, Bernard, Emmanuel, Annette, Yana, Tara, Valeria, Mallory (from afar) Zmarak, Rui, Sergio, Tony who was visiting, and all others… AND they took me out for the best pizza in the world (Italian of course).  I remember the day I went into see my bosses office with two maps, one of Cho Oyu and one of Baruntse. I asked him where he thought I should go. He said “Edita, I think you should go to Cho Oyu”  and thats how the decision was made to go to my first 8000er… It was sad to leave… Everyday over the last three years, I really looked forward to work. These were not just colleagues, these were and are my friends… I miss them all already.

My WFP Colleagues

My WFP Colleagues

Now I need to focus on the trip ahead, I am ready to get to Everest and start the adventure of a lifetime. I feel more ready than never before. To the people in Lithuania, beyond my family, I feel like there are so many people behind me. I am a lucky person.  I never ever dreamed of having so much support and I hope I can give something back by making a positive change. Climbing is a selfish thing but I want to help others. I SAY you can do it, whatever your dream is. Take it one step at a time ….

Those that can, please support the Sahel campaign here. If not now, you can always make a pledge…1 penny per meter I climb or even 10 dollars will go a long way for the people that NEED our help… Make a difference and have someone not go to sleep hungry and you will sleep better.


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