One Week Until I go to Nepal

I started my final packing. This trip I am taking more warm cloths, it will be cold and it is a long time on the mountain so I cannot risk not having the right things. I got some new high tech cloths to make sure I stay warm. My gadget bag has also grown as well. One issue with the electronics on the mountain is that you can never rely 100% on being able to charge them whenever you want… So, I finally got a solar panel that works! It is a Power Monkey..I tested it today. It charges my iPhone completely in one charge. I was concerned about charging my macbook. After looking in many, I mean many stores. I finally found a DC/AC converter that can be pluged into a cigarette type lighter. That is the only way you can charge your electronic devices using Base Camp solar power supply. With the help of a friend, it looks like I will also have a GPS Spot Tracker again.. I lost my last one during the Manaslu avalanche. It’s probably buried deep under the snow by now…:-(

Packing Day

Packing day for Everest

I am eating well and trying to fatten up before I go 🙂 I am still running every other day about 20+ kilometers and doing my regular workouts with weights, yoga and walking lots. This week will be the final week. I will be saying goodbye to friends and checking and checking my gear and a few last minute things. I discovered there is Chinese sim cards available through the net. I ordered one and waiting to see if it actually comes…if it does what it advertises it says it will do, I will be able to connect from the base-camp via China telecom….Fingers crossed… I will be posting my itinerary and climbing strategy int eh next few days…stay tuned.

Once again,those that can, please support the Sahel campaign here. If not now, you can always make a pledge…1 penny per meter I climb or even 10 dollars will go a long way for the people that NEED our help… Make a difference and have someone not go to sleep hungry and you will sleep better.


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