Everest 2013 Update – I Am On My Way Today!

Today I am leaving on my expedition to attempt to climb the north ridge of Mt Everest. It will be a little more challenging than attempting the southern route but a lot less crowded. I am a bit nervous but I am ready for this journey.  For me, it is not getting to the the summit, it is the journey. If I get to the summit, it will be a real bonus.  Along the way, I will be in contact as much as possible . Unfortunately, Word Press and Facebook are blocked in China so I will not be able to post updates myself. However, my partner Paul has graciously agreed to to be the communications manager from the ‘home base’. So, the blog will continue to be live! Paul will post updated of the expedition and will post links to my actual location received via GPS Spot tracker. Also, 15min.lt will continue covering my climbing progress in two languages (Lithuanian and English) throughout the entire Everest expedition!

@the Geneva airport leaving for Kathmandu
@the Geneva airport leaving for Kathmandu
(ps. only two bags… but my big duffel bag with all the gear is waiting in Kathmandu, thanks to Phil/ Altitude Junkies for storing it for me since Manaslu!)

It has been a long relaxing weekend that included all my final preparations of trying to get everything into my bags for the first flight, my first success 🙂   Now it is time to go and fulfill my lifelong dream. Next stop Katmandu.

To my entire family, all my friends, supporters and armchair adventurers, I want to THANK YOU all for being behind me during my preparations; you will be with me during this adventure.

Saying good buy... always sad to leave loved ones!
Saying good buy… always sad to leave loved ones!

Once again,those that can, please support the Sahel campaign here. If not now, you can always make a pledge…1 penny per meter I climb or even 10 dollars will go a long way for the people that NEED our help… Make a difference and have someone not go to sleep hungry and you will sleep better.


One response to “Everest 2013 Update – I Am On My Way Today!

  1. Good luck Edita!! I am rooting for you, go get it girl 🙂 I look forward to hearing the updates.

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