Everest 2013 Update: One day to go!

Yesterday, it was bandha (general strike) in Kathmandu. All shops and transport were closed until later in the evening. The Junkies team was chilling out at the Courtyard, relaxing, writing blogs, facebooking, etc. Everybody seemed to enjoy another rest day in Kathmandu as we all know well the reality will change soon… As you can see in the picture below, everyone got their favorite techi toys and were taking advantage of the relatively good connectivity at the hotel. As I sat outside, my mind could not help but wander back to my times in Niger.

AJ Team 'loving' their techi toys!

AJ Team ‘loving’ their techi toys!

You can follow my Everest 2013 expedition in “real time’ via GPS Spot Tracker. The journey from Kathmandu to Tibet will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, April 9, in the afternoon afternoon. We hope to cross the border into Tibet the following day. Stay Tuned and please give what you can to the Sahel Campaign. A little goes a long way to feed the hungry!

spot tracker


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