April 23 – No news from Edita but Lithuanian legend speaks about her

No News from Edita for two days now. Seems there is lots of snow falling in the area but I am sure they are ok. They plan for this sort of thing.  Other news…there is a great article in 15 minutes (in English) on Lithuania’s legendary climber Vladas Vitauskus. He summitted everest 20 years ago. He left for Nepal and had just $500 in his pocket a great story.  He will return to Nepal in May.  He mentions Edita at the end of the interview with the highest of regard as the best candidate to become the first Lithuanian to summit Mt Everest…

“With all due respect to other Lithuanian climbers, Edita is the best candidate to reach the summit. One should look hard for another climber as responsible in their preparations as she is, among both men and women,” Vitkauskas says about the fellow climber.

According to him, only extreme weather could prevent Edita from succeeding in her quest. Vitkauskas is certain, however, that he will shake hands with the first Lithuanian woman who has been atop Mount Everest as soon as this May.” Have a read. A great story!


Edita and Vladas on the highest point in Lithuania "Aukstoji"

Edita and Vladas on the highest point in Lithuania “Aukstoji”


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