April 24 – North Cole Tomorrow

Edita called this morning. It was good to hear from her, what I could hear. She seems to have lost most of her voice but her cough is better. She said the air was incredibly dry. Sounds like most of the team was suffering from one ailment of another but this is to be expected with such an increase in altitude in such a short time. They are at slightly over 6400 meters now and going higher! Phil and the Altitude Junkies had a good update.http://www.altitudejunkies.com/dispatcheverest13.html  The Sherpas had hiked up loads of oxygen and supplies to the North Cole and come back in amazing time this morning and the AJ team will be following the same route tomorrow. Edita asked about news and I gave her what I remembered (woke me at 5am with the call). I avoided the fact that there has been no new donations in a long time for Sahel as she said there was food but few could eat it, what a shame. Please chip in to the fund if you can, every bit will help. see  https://my.wfpaltruist.org/pfp/EverestforSahel2013


Pizza, Patatoes, and Spam - one of out "special" meals

Pizza, Patatoes, and Spam – one of out “special” meals


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