April 25 – AJs tag North Cole North Mt Everest

Edita called this morning right after getting back from their climb up to the North Cole. It was very hard to make her out as the wind was blowing hard and or the connection was not good. I did understand her say it was a tough go and they had to turn back as the wind was “brutal” and it was very cold. Her words were it was “dangerous”. They did the right thing by heading back to ABC. They were not sure if they would tag up again or not. They were to regroup today and make a decision one way of the other. Then the connection got inaudible. Once again, I know they will take safety over anything else and although it is stressful from down here , we all can only wish they are all ok.

I will be travelling over the next few days so I am sorry but will not be able to update you all. But once I am settled in Mexico, I hope to have a good internet connection and will be waiting for her call. Please send your thoughts of support and wishes for her and the others wellbeing. She always asks for news. I dont know if she heard me or not today, but I told her of the kind words sent from friends in Canada and italy. (Kevin, Kim, Asta Thanks).  Paul


North Col Wall

North Col Wall


3 responses to “April 25 – AJs tag North Cole North Mt Everest

  1. Thanks for the news, Paul. Needless to say, Trish and I are closely following the intrepid Edita’s exploits and know that if it can be done, it will. Please pass on our best wishes. The next Peking (or is it Beijing?) duck is on us.

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