May 3 – North Everest Base Camp

I spoke  with Edita today on her sat phone. She is doing well given the conditions at the moment. I could hear the wind pounding her tent.  She said the wind was only going to get worse over the  next day and possible longer.  It seems that there next big venture up the mountain will likely not be until the 5th or 6th (window of May 7 to 15 is the hope) and that will depend on the behaviour of the jet stream. The winds are strong now as the jet stream is low. Edita said the Sherpas also came back down to base camp after fixing ropes to 7900 meters. They were hoping to get to 8300 meters but it was decided that they best come down because the winds are too strong and with the wind comes the penetrating cold….

So they are doing what they can to continue to stay focused to go.  When Phil says it is time to go, they have th be ready to move.  Edita said she is ready but laughed and said  “I am  happy i brought lots of books”.  What an amazing attitude she has!  That is why,  I know why  she has what it takes to get up and back down that mountain. I think most everyone else agrees with that! 🙂

I will post again when I hear from her in the next day or two.

Dinning tent at BC

Dinning tent at BC


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