May 3 (evening in BC) – North Everest Base Camp

A very important correction from yesterdays post. The Sherpas I wrote about were not the group who were fixing the ropes, it was there job to carry loads of oxygen and all the other necessary supplies to the upper camps. Edita wrote this morning also saying there was some tents damaged at ABC and at the Cole because of the high winds but the AJs tents were ok. Also, the wind has stopped at base camp tonight (likely not up higher) but they are not sure for how long the wind will stop.  Sounds like they are all getting a little anxious but we know Phil will be the cautious one who will wait for the right time to get going.

Again for full updates on both sides of Everest see Alan Arnette at

Also Altitude Junkies also have great updates from Phil


Edita at BC

Edita at BC


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