May 4 – North Everest Base Camp

Edita wrote last night and then called this morning :-).

“Wind at BC seems to be minimal. But we can see a big plume over
Everest which means that winds are high up there and at ABC.

Everest in the Clouds May 5 2013

Everest in the Clouds May 5 2013

I am attaching some photos from when we were at ABC – We practiced because some people never used fixed ropes before so we all had chance to demonstrate out climbing skills. It was fun.”

Edita practicing rope techique

Edita practicing rope techique

AJ Practice at ABC

AJ Practice at ABC

Edita Training

Edita Training

“This morning I went for a short walk but the trek was so rocky that
Margaret and I turned around. It was too dangerous as the rocks were
loose and could fall and kill you instantly… We try to do
something each day – walks, stretching, yoga, so we stay in shape.

According to Phil’s new forecast, the jet stream is predicted to stay
longer. So, we now think of 18-19 for the summit push. Anyway, the
weather changes often and things can still change… We hoped for an
earlier summit but you got to listen to the mountain… More waiting and
patience will be needed. This is Everest and every year is the same –
the waiting game. let’s keep fingers crossed the weather window opens
soon enough!”

She also sent some photos of the Sherpas returning after spending 2 weeks in the ABC and higher.

Nelson Gets Lifted with Sherpa Hug :-)

Nelson Gets Lifted with Sherpa Hug 🙂

All in all, they seem to be doing well. There are some other groups up above them at ABC but there are not able to move. It was a good decision by Phil to stay and wait at Base Camp for a good weather window.  Edita says she has a lot of time to think and wanted me to tell you she will do her best and come back safe. She hopes you all continue to follow during these “boring times” on the mountain and share with others that may help her campaign for those hungry people. She wants to go back to Niger when this is all over and see how your support made a difference. Thanks everyone!


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