May 5 – North Mt Everest Base Camp

Edita wrote last night (her daytime) with a bit of a schedule update.

“I am sending a photo of the forecast that Phil shared today”.

weather forecast today

“The plan is for our Sherpas to leave for ABC tomorrow. They still have to do two loads to Camp 3 (8,300m). They have to get ready as the forecast shows low winds at Camp 3 around 9-10. Our plan to leave to ABC on the 12th. However, these plans are just for now and could change if the weather changes. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Sherpa's resting in the Dome (they go up tomorrow

Sherpa’s resting in the Dome (they go up tomorrow

Phil treats Sherpas nice – he gave them one of our resting domes for them to relax (see above).

We are still patient and cool about waiting… However, we are looking forward to going to the summit! It’s a game of waiting… It might be boring my updates in the coming days. But this is Everest… Lots of waiting.. and when the time come, we go… and it’s over before you know. This is the reality of Everest…

View of Base Camp

View of Base Camp

I hope the information is interesting… Now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed for good summit weather!” End of Edita’s words.

Edita called right after I did this post for her. It is Mothers Day in Lithuania so she called her mom:-) She is so patient, so relaxed ,it is amazing, but not surprising because she is amazing.  I will be travelling for the next day so I will not be able to update the blog but will keep you all posted as soon as I am back in Geneva. Stay tuned and please share the posts with anyone you think would find this interesting and can possibly help support her climb both with positive thoughts and for the people of the Sahel. Thanks to all for following, this will get very interesting and exciting as they head up in just a few days!


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