May 6 – North Everest Base Camp

Edita wrote today.

“Sherpas left this morning for ABC. They will rest for a day and finish load carrying to Camp 3. They will not be back before the summit push. Last night they all went to Rongbuk monastery to ask lama for blessing for the summit push. Of course, they came back late, happy (3 boxes of beer consumed at the monastery) and two more carried back to BC. They got their favorite meal cooked by Da Pasang – famous fried chicken  (this is usually pre-summit push treat). So, they deserved all these treats as they will be working really hard in the coming days. They left this morning re-energized and motivated to finish the work they weren’t able to finish on the previous rotation due to high winds. The weather report looks promising.


The waiting game continues for us, the climbers. If all goes well as planned, we should be moving to ABC around the 12th. I try to be focused and motivated each day. Today I went for 2.5 hr walk towards ABC. Walking is good not only for my body but also for my mind. I’ll keep doing it every day as much as I can to stay in shape. Otherwise, there is not much to do at the base camp. We started playing trivia games and it is lots of fun so far.

You may hear reports of a first death on the North side.  I don’t have accurate information but it seems a climber passed away at ABC in his tent. Rumors are that he is from the Russian team. I don’t want to speculate but the most likely reason of death is altitude related. My condolence to the family and friends.

This is it for today. Sorry it’s not much news but again, we are on the waiting game.”

There is also a report of the death of a 37 year old Sherpa on the South side of the mountain. Apparently he was feeling dizzy, went to lay down and stopped breathing. There was an attempt to resuscitate him but the attempt was not successful. Rest his soul.


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