May 7 – North Everest Base Camp

Edita wrote today..
“Another day at the BC. The countdown is 5 more days (if weather holds as predicted) before we leave for ABC. It is hard waiting but we are managing to stay focused and motivated. Yesterday, Phil spent whole morning to make 100  questions for a trivia game we played the whole afternoon. I was quite impressed by Phil’s dedication as the leader to keep us all occupied and entertained. Phil seems to enjoy this role of control which is great as we need some structure and discipline. Having WiFi at the base camp is quite a luxury thinking that many groups here at the North Side as well as as the South side do not have that luxury. However, the post Phil seems to enjoy is to control the time of access for each of us. For me who like to blog it is stressful to have a rationing of time (30 min max per day). Phil started using Nelson’s memory timer to control our time online.  I am the one who complains the most about the control thing, I give Phil a lot of credit for wanting to be fair to each of us.Phil is always concerned of each of us and would try to accommodate each of us the best he can. Margaret told me that one night Phil asked other group members if they would be ok if they will stop using propane gas to warm up out dinning tent in the evening. It was because of my sensitive eyes to that gas. The heaters are not working properly at that altitude and the gas is always leaking a bit. This is enough for me to have all watery and irritated eyes for the whole evening. That was very considerate of Phil to ask others to stop using these heaters.These are just few things that came my mind about Phil. The group is also incredibly friendly. It is not easy to stay in an inclosed circle for so long and in this difficult environment without any arguments or incidents. However, our group has been super friendly and relaxed and it seems everybody is still in good terms and in a good mood. There are jokes flying around but Phil always puts everyone in place if someone gets too carried away. Another thing I noticed is that the group is very laid back and not as competitive as in my previous expeditions. My hope is that everyone stays healthy and strong and we all go to the summit and safely back. So, there is this team spirit that makes me fortunate to be a part of it.Today again Margaret and I went for our daily walk. We reached over 3 hrs now and went up to the top of the steepest part on the way to Interim Camp. It was great!

Edita and Margaret 3 Hour walk

Edita and Margaret 3 Hour walk

The body is aching for some exercise after staying so many days now at BC. We can back to BC just in time for lunch, all lifted up in spirit.From the distance, we noticed there was something wrong with one of our tents which is toilet/ shower tent for men. It was all broke down. When we came to the camp, we learned that the wind picked the tent up and broke it down. We had a good laugh during lunch teasing guys for ‘discharging’ too much gas in their toilet… They blamed the beans they ate the night before… The only thing that keeps haunting me is when I think of the people I met in the Sahel. They never even thought about seeing such places as this. There biggest worry was what will they will eat tomorrow. Please let me deliver your name along with your donation to the people of Niger”.
A BIG thanks to all the followers and especially all those that gave a few bucks o the Everest for Sahel Campaign. We know who you are and more importantly, you know who you are. Sleep well… others keep following and enjoy your vicarious adventure.

6 responses to “May 7 – North Everest Base Camp

  1. Not long to go now – hang in there – the waiting is hard! You should try a walk down to the Tibetan tent village and send off a postcard from the highest post office in the world. They serve beer down there too which will keep Margaret happy!

  2. Trust Axe to be talking about beer at such a crucial time. Cheers Kate (UK)

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