May 9 – North Mt Everest Good News!

It is a holiday in Switzerland and France today so I thought I would write a quick update while I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee on my patio. It is raining here and we are still waiting for spring!  Edita has been texting and did send a few emails. They seem to be feeling like they are stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day”, every day repeating itself. Phil has been doing his best to keep them entertained by making his own version of trivial pursuit.  They have been in the Chinese base camp for longer than expected and even with the many solar panels they have, they are having to dole out the power because of the amount of fuel they are using with the 2 generators. I can imagine that the generators are running with little oxygen and that means there are not putting out the power they would be if they were below 5000+ meters.

They are a determined bunch. Myself, I would have likely packed up and gone home by now 🙂

Edita JUST CALLED while I was writing this note 🙂  They are all very excited! Their Sherpas, that are carrying  loads to camp 3, spotted the Tibet team fixing ropes. It looks like there will be fixed rope all the way to the north summit by this evening or tomorrow.  This is very important because now they can plan to go up once the weather is cooperative. They are waiting for the “China winds” which are warm winds that  come from over the mainland.  If all goes well (again weather dependant), they could be standing on the summit of Mount Everest in one week from today!  I will keep you all posted on what the schedule is and a HUGE thanks to all those following along. Edita was thrilled when I told her about the comments, retweets and support from many of you. Thank you!

Jet Stream over Everest

Jet Stream over Everest


4 responses to “May 9 – North Mt Everest Good News!

  1. I have been following Edita all the way. If you get the opportunity please pass on my good wishes Cheers Kate Smith

  2. Edita doesn’t know me but I am a pen pal of Axe’s and enjoy following people who interest me. Hope all is still going well Cheers Kate

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