May 11 – North Everest Update

I was told not to disclose what I was told in a telephone call and in a follow up email I received last night.  So, I am not saying anything other than, not to worry everyone, all the Altitude Junkies are safe and healthy. Some of you may have already heard that there were successful summits from the south side of the mountain yesterday. Once again, Alan Arnette is on top of the updates from the south side see

Altitude Junkies vs Adventure Peaks

Altitude Junkies vs Adventure Peaks

What I can say is that although there seems to be a camaraderie amongst the various climbing teams in the camps, there is definitely a certain level of competition.   From the safety of down here, it sounds like it is almost a “spy vs. spy”  game with even quasi covert ops happening. Some seem to be assigned  missions to find out whose  forecast says what.  “Lookouts” may be tasked with watching the other teams to see if they are packing up to go, or just going through their gear and checking that everything needed is ready to go. Intel could be gathered and reports are given to the Leaders.  I also really wonder if those teams that “sneak out” ahead of the others, leave the lights on and place dummies in their sleeping bags as part of the diversion tactics. It all sounds like something in between the movies “The Great Escape” and the cartoon “Chipmunks Adventure”, a race around the world  🙂

PS. Edita just called from ABC (10:45 CET) . I am now “allowed” to write that they moved up from Base Camp this morning at 05:00 (01:00 CET). They will rest there and wait for the next window of opportunity to push to the summit!  Please send your positive thoughts and also, if you can, give to her Everest for Sahel Campaign here   I will keep you all posted as news comes in. This is it!


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