May 12 – Mt Everest Update from ABC

Edita called this morning. Yesterday they arrived at advanced base camp in blizzard conditions. The snow has stopped today but the winds are still strong. The team may have to wait a few days until the weather cooperates. They are all still fine with that and patiently excited. The weather forecast seems to indicate the conditions will be ripe towards the middle or end of the week.  She says everything is in place at the camps above so it is just a matter of time before they do their summit push and come back down safely. As predicted, there are not large numbers of people on the north side of the mountain, so they are not anticipating having to deal with long lines while climbing and descending the more technical areas.

As usual, Edita seemed to be starving for news and asking how everyone is, how’s it going there. I told her she was not missing good weather here. This morning it was 9 degrees in Geneva and although it is not the jetstream, it is very windy here.   Once again, for those of you that love the details, Alan Arnette has shared his analysis along with posting some interesting information.

Snow on the way to ABC

Snow on the way to ABC


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