May 13 – Mt Everest Summit Push – Update 2

Update – 19:00 (CET) – It seems they made it up to camp 1 at 6900-7,000 meters. However, they were “trapped” in a storm and needed to decent. I will assume they would go back to Advance Base Camp and wait out the weather. The forecast says the weather will improve over the next few days so they will get another crack at it soon.

Edita called very early this morning 04:300 (CET). She said they were leaving for the North Cole in about an hour, about the time I am writing this update. She sounded VERY excited and said she is feeling great. If all goes well, she should be standing on the roof of the world on Thursday morning!

Edita at ABC

Edita at ABC

It has been years of preparing for this finally. She worked so hard, incredibly hard to prepare for this. The dedication, sacrifice and shear commitment to achieving her lifetime goal is something to be admired. I cant say I have ever met someone so focused on achieving a goal. As I told her on the phone, she has what it takes and although I didn’t need to say it, I told her to stay focused every step of the way.  She reassured me by simply saying in a calm voice, “don’t worry, I will be back soon” and I am sure she will be.

She will not take her satellite phone  to the summit because it will not hold a charge for that long and in the -30 weather, so I am sorry to say that I will not be able to update you directly but will keep you posted as I hear information. Trish, Phil Cramptons’ wife will be updating the Altitude Junkies website periodically.

With that, I hope you will join me in wishing and praying for all things to go right from herein. Thank you everyone for following and especially those that have supported Edita’s Everest for Sahel Campaign.

After coming back from this field visit Edita decided she wanted to do more to help

After coming back from this field visit Edita decided she wanted to do more to help these smiling but Hungry Children – Please help!


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