May 14 – Mt Everest Update

Edita called this morning 🙂 She was safely back at advanced base camp (ABC).  She said they got absolutely hammered yesterday. Not drunk (yet) 🙂 but hammered by the winds and snow yesterday.  It  was brutal. They slept the night in Camp 1, above the north col, and quickly retreated to base camp early in the morning. She said she was so cold when she got back, she got in her sleeping bag and stayed there for an hour to begin to warm up.  Yesterday they tried to get a jump on the others but it did not work out.  They will stay in the ABC for “a few days” and then try a summit push again.  The weather definitely looks like it will get better and better over the next few days. It doesn’t sound like it could have gotten worse! Her satellite phone is pretty much out of battery power now so I do not expect another call for a while but rest easy everyone, the next crack at it will not be the “weather gamble” that they lost in their last attempt. I will keep you informed as I hear more information. Stay positive and stay tuned.

Difficult climb to the North Col

Difficult climb to the North Col


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