May 15 – Mt Everest Update

Edita texted this morning 🙂  “…all is good here resting at ABC, it looks like 20th will be summit. Will call before I leave ABC…”  The weather is definitely turning for the better as the jetstream heads north 🙂

There is also another confirmed death from a fall on the south side of the mountain. A very experienced Russian climber that was a member of a team attempting to create a new route up the south side of the mountain. Apparently the rope he was depending on frayed on a sharp rock and he fell some 300m to an instantaneous death. Bless his soul and condolences  to his family and friends. see

Sherpa kitchen at ABC

Sherpa kitchen at ABC


6 responses to “May 15 – Mt Everest Update

    • Sorry if I caused any concern. I do not know who it is and we all should respect their decision and right to tell people when and if they feel like it. Bottom line is there is no injury or worse, so let’s not anyone freak out over someone having had enough. I know I would have been gone down long ago. Attrition is a given.

      • Whoever it is has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The person has more guts than 99% of the rest of us. The others that stayed, have more guts than 99.9% of us down here that get the heebee geebees just thinking about the situation they have chosen to be in.

  1. Of course. But when your loved one is one of the members on the team, reading an update like this causes immediate concern. It is probably best not even mentioning it on the blog unless complete information is given, or at least waiting to mention it until the altitude junkies website has made the information public. This is obviously my opinion but it seems you may have misunderstood my reason/intention for asking if you had further information. I have utmost respect for everyone attempting this summit.

    • I respect your opinion but I dont understand why anyone would be concerned if someone chooses to leave on their own two feet. Edita did not tell me this information. This information was available in the public domain and I certainly would not disclose information if there was someone injured or worse and there was not “officail” confirmation. Those “really bad news” reports without details are common (see history of previous deaths reported on the mountain) and that upsets MANY many of us when we see them. Other information that gives the climb context, like someone leaving of their own accord, I will post. Our love ones chose to do this so let’s just try to relax , and settle with knowing they are doing what they want to do and this is just really starting. Although it is not always settling to me either, whatever happens, happens.

  2. I just noticed that you took this part of the blog down, I hadn’t noticed before. thank you.

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