May 16 – Mt Everest

Edita called this morning and pretty much repeated what was on the AJ website that promises to provide short updates once the push begins in a few days.

“This morning the team consulted the latest weather forecast and collectively made a decision on our summit date. Several teams are now moving up from advanced base camp hoping to make the summit from the 17th onwards. We have opted to play it safe and avoid the larger groups’ summit days and go when the wind speeds are predicted to be at their lowest. All going to plan, we should leave advanced base camp on the 18th for the North Col. We will spend the following evenings at camp two (7,800m) and camp three (8,300m) respectively before hopefully reaching the summit on the morning of the 21st.”

Wish them luck and patience.

Altitude Junkies site at ABC

Altitude Junkies site at ABC


2 responses to “May 16 – Mt Everest

  1. Best wishes Edita…..good luck and looking forward to all the photos and stories…

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