May 17 – Mt Everest Update

Edita sent a text from her satellite phone today 🙂 I think she is getting a little mixed up on what day it is as she wrote “leave a day after tomorrow” which would only allow for two nights at the high camps before the summit attempt. It must be so boring and nerve racking waiting. Her text continued “…looking at summit on the 21st…got to charge the phone a little, will call from the col…” Someone must have a charger that works for her phone and she was “allowed” to use some of the limited power available. I will certainly let you all know when she calls and gives her situation report. This is getting really exciting!

There is some sad news (family notified). A Sherpa died at 8300 meters on the North side of the mountain. Bless his soul. There are few details available. Some may not like that I posted this information but this is the reality of what can happen up there and it should not be ignored. The Altitude Junkies are in the best hands anywhere with Phil and amazing Sherpas so let’s all be positive and send good thoughts and best wishes. Remember what ever the outcome, they are doing what they want to do and living the dream of attempting to stand on the roof of the world!

Advanced Base Camp

Advanced Base Camp


One response to “May 17 – Mt Everest Update

  1. Sadly another death of a brave Sherpa I send good wishes to his family and friends. On the climbing front at the moment everything sounds uncertain bit I wish them all success and hope they achieve their ambitions safely Cheers Kate

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