May 18 – Mt Everest Update

There were some summits from the north side of Everest this morning. Most notably is N Bidyapati, the first woman from Manipur (India) to summit everest.  We wish her a safe decent.  A rescue at high altitude is also being reported in a comment on the Alan Arnete site.  :

North side, rescue at 8600m. A chinese climber(member of Chinese Team 1) got HAPE after summit last night local time. More than 10+ tibetan joined the rescue. Fortunately,the rescue team and the climber returned 8400m C3 safely this early morning local time.

Due to lack of oxygen(used for rescue) and tibetan(joined the rescue), the Chinese Team 2(about 10 climbers at 8400m C3) aborted their summit attempt.”

Altitude Junkies will leave tomorrow morning for the summit push. The weather seems favorable so all looks good for a summit on the morning of the 21st. If Edita makes if (when), she will be have gone higher than any woman ever from Lithuania!

I also want to thank Corey for the donation yesterday to the Everest for Sahel Campaign. Every little bit WILL help. None of these funds go to Edita. She has funded her costs entirely by herself and with your support wants to help the people of east africa. The hunger situation in the Sahel is off the media radar but it is STILL very real. Please give if you can. She always asks how are things and it would be great to tell her about your support next time she calls. Thank you everyone for following and your support.

UPDATE!!!!  No sooner than I posted the above. Edita called from the North Col at 7000 meters !!!!!!!! She sounded great! She said they were all very tired as it was a hard climb. They were clouded in at the moment so they are resting and will go for camp 2 7800 meters tomorrow morning when the skies are clear. The charge on the sat phone is holding for now and sh said she would try to call again from one of the higher camps. Definitely stay tuned!

Climbing up the North Col

Climbing up the North Col


4 responses to “May 18 – Mt Everest Update

  1. Go Edita!!! (I’m not seeing any updates from your SPOT tracker anymore… did the Chinese authorities confiscate it? 🙂 )

    • Hi Mike. The spot tracker decided to stay on the mountain (she lost it during the first climb up the col) 😦 You may recall she also lost one during the avalanche on Manaslu. I dont think we will get her another one… 🙂

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