May 19 – Mt Everest Update Camp 2

Edita just called from Camp 2 at 7,800m (25,590ft)! She said it was a tough climb from camp 1 but they did it in 6 hours. She sounded great and sees nothing in the way of reaching the summit on Monday morning. The weather is as good as it gets and she told me the view was out of this world! She said to say HELLO to everyone and not to worry. We cut the call short to save the battery in her phone but I did have time to tell her about the comments from family, friends and some rather distinguished new followers on twitter. The call made my day! She will call tomorrow. Go here to see the exact location of camp 2. Edita lost her spot tracker but this is from one of her team mates spot tracker (Javier Fernandez)

Edita On the way to Camp 2 (7,800m)

Edita On the way to Camp 2 (7,800m)


3 responses to “May 19 – Mt Everest Update Camp 2

  1. Great news.. so glad the weather has finally cleared for you. We can’t wait to celebrate with you when next in Roma. Put us on your shoulder to share the view, Lots of love, Trish & David xxx

  2. Outstanding Edita…..tops that you have good weather now…..cant wait to see some Big Sky photos when you get back.

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